A portal, made up of two heavy wooden doors, allows entrance to a path which leads up to the gorge of the Tinazzo. Passing through the woods, thanks to this easy access, one encounters a rock wall that seems to block the way. But on getting closer one will see a very high cleft in the rock. From here, over the centuries, hundreds of millions of cubic meters of sand and rock were carried down to the lake by the heady swirling water of the River Borlezza. The deposition of this huge amount of debris allowed the formation of the peninsula on which the large factory of Lucchini RS was built.

A path was built in a territory that has experienced a millennia of endless battles between water and rock, shaped by ancestral glaciations and eroded by the flow of rushing waters of the river Borlezza.

Two huge walls, higher than 40 meters, stand as wings at the entrance of the gorge which can be safely visited for more than 100 meters having a width which varies from 1 to 4 meters

“ And there they were, from the clefts of the cliffs in some long grasses, pushing their heads up towards the light, just lying there dead and dangling. Mosses and lichens clinging here and there and ivy trunks rising up, forged to the rock, unfolding a lush fan of green on the harboring walls lit by the sun.

And further up , old falling trunks and smattering of green vegetation dangling on the abyss and clusters threatened by the frost, ready to fall on the unlucky visitor. ”


Taken from the book La gola del Tinazzo, written by Don Amighetti in 1897





– the visits are organized by qualified operators members of Legambiente Alto Sebino, who will be equipped with a reflective jacket and a whistle;

– visits must be requested with a 48 hours notice for pre-established groups with a specific date upon request;

– visiting groups will be made up of no more than 20 people;

– it is possible for minors to visit the gorge only if accompanied by an adult;

– in the summer it is strongly recommended to have comfortable clothing (long trousers) and to bring insect repellent spray with you;

– the duration of the visit is 90 minutes, following a path that appears to have the presence of steps immersed in the vegetation and downhill points.




The visits take place only accompanied by guides and by reservation only.



Monday: 14:30

Saturday: 14:30

Sunday: 10:00

Sunday: 14:30 (FAMILY GROUPS with children aged 4-10 years)



Saturday morning at 10.00 am



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– it is mandatory to follow the instructions given by the guides;

– rocks, stones, and rocky walls must not be altered in any way; it is forbidden to scratch, engrave, move and smear the rock walls;

– it is not allowed to light fires and leave traces of one’s passage;

– it is not allowed to collect local vegetation;

– it is not allowed to leave waste;

– dogs are not allowed to enter;

– it is mandatory to stay on the path;

– although the gorge is safe, it is mandatory to wear a helmet for access, which will be provided by the organization;

– it is mandatory to wear sneakers; it is not allowed to wear sandals, slippers and flip flops;

– it is mandatory, in the case of nocturnal visits, to show up equipped with faceplates or si


– the use of strollers is not allowed;

– toilets are available on site;